A big THANK YOU to all who volunteered to plant the total of 17 trees in Bellevue Park this past week and Saturday.  I feel so fortunate to live in a community where neighbors come together to work for the betterment for all who live here.  It was truly a beautiful day.  As Clark Bucher and I delivered the trees to their planting sites about 7:30 on Saturday morning, we drove over a fresh blanket of yellow Ginko leaves covering Pentwater Road.  Not yet touched by car tires, it was lovely.  As we started our orientation on the tree planting, snow flurries filled the air.  This was followed by a day of sunshine and Bellevue Parkers marching through the streets with shovels in hand to find the next reservation or neighbor with a tree to be planted.  This was just one chapter of Bellevue Park neighbors supporting tree planting in the park.  For years, residents have sought to maintain our tree canopy that makes Bellevue Park such a special place.  To those curious about the green bags around the trees, they are called Gator Bags.  They are filled with 15 gallons of water, which slowly seeps into the ground to water the trees.  Please look out for the protection of our young trees and Gator Bags which will help them grow.