Bellevue Park Properties for Sale


When you sell a Bellevue Park property, a Resale Certificate is required pursuant to the provisions of Section 5407 of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Community Act. The certificate lists certain provisions of the association's operations, and details the assessments applicable to the individual property being sold. Accompanying the certificate is a copy of the Association Bylaws and current operating budget. A Transfer Fee of $100.00 is charged for the preparation and submission of these documents.

Every new resident of Bellevue Park needs to be aware of the provisions of the Association Bylaws as well as the annual dues and assessments required to support the association's Maintenance Fund.

At such time as you put your property up for sale, whether privately or through a realtor, we suggest you contact the association treasurer, Bob Pennell, at 236-1360, or by e-mail at , so that the appropriate documentation can be provided at the time of sale.


There are currently no properties for sale in Bellevue Park. Come back again!

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