Stormwater in Bellevue Park - Mish Run Hydrologic Study

Capital Region Water (CRW) is conducting a study of Mish Run - the steam that flows through Bellevue Park. This is the same stream that feeds the ponds and then goes underground until it flows out to the Susquehanna River.  CRW is seeking to identify potential Green Stormwater Infrastructure projects that will reduce stormwater flow in Bellevue Park and the City. 

Capital Region Water (CRW) and CH2M (consulting engineers) conducted the second stakeholder meeting with residents of the Bellevue Park Association (BPA) on March 30, 2017 from 7-8:30 pm in the BPA Community Center. Approximately 17 residents attended.  As a result of this meeting, the following Action Items will be pursued:  1) CRW to work towards a partnership agreement with the BPA board; 2) CH2M (with CRW input) to conduct cost/benefit analysis on a preferred set of alternatives based on the community input.

The meeting presentation is found here, and the meeting summary is found here.

Bellevue Park will host the 2017 HYP Home Tour

Bellevue Park has been selected to be the host of the 19th Annual HYP (Harrisburg Young Professionals) Home Tour on Saturday, May 13. Tickets can be purchased from the HYP website in advance. Proceed from the ticket sales will go to the HYP Home in the City Program.

Event Registration: 12:00pm @ Bellevue Park Community Building, 143 Briarcliff Rd. Harrisburg 17104
Tour: 12:00pm – 5:00 PM
After Party: 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM @ Oakwood Rd. Reservation (near registration)

Meet & Greet The Candidate Ice Cream Social Announcement

Neighbors and friends, Come "Meet and Greet" Claude Phipps, the candidate for the Magisterial District Judge 12-1-05 on May 7th, 2017 between 2:00 to 4:00pm at the Bellevue Park Community Center.  This is an opportunity to meet the candidate, discuss issues and his position on topics affecting our neighborhood and enjoy some Ice Cream with your neighbors.

Enjoying St. Patrick's Day!

The kids of Bellevue Park enjoyed a party on March 18th at the Community Building with fun and treats. Hosts Liz, Daniel, Jaydee, and Seth created a fun event for neighborhood kids that included cookie decorating (and eating), face painting, twister, crafts, and a "find the pots of gold" scavenger hunt. Great fun for all! Enjoy some of the pictures from the event!

Mish Run Hydrologic Study

Pat Buckley has been working with Capital Region Water on a study of Mish Run - the steam that flows through Bellevue Park. This is the same stream that feeds the ponds and then goes underground until it flows out to the Susquehanna River. Capital Region Water put together this presentation to help educate residents on the considerations and plans that are being formulated.

Election Results - 2016

Here are the results from voting at the Community Building, 9th Ward, 4th Precinct.

Eligible voters - 837
Votes cast - 546
Turnout - 65%

(Previous presidential election year turnouts:  2012 - 607; 2008 - 622; 2004 - 629.)

U.S. President:
Clinton - 416
Trump - 96

U.S. Senator:
McGinty - 393
Toomey - 125

U.S. Representative:
Perry - 138
Burkholder - 372

PA State Senator:
Teplitz - 422
DiSanto - 108

Attorney General:
Shapiro - 395
Rafferty - 118

State Treasurer:
Torsella - 391
Voit - 113

Auditor General:
Depasquale - 410
Brown - 99

Thank you for coming out to Oktoberfest 2016!

On behalf of everyone, I'd like to thank those that enjoyed the beautiful weather, great beer, delicious food, and wonderful company with us. We really had a great time as always and I hope you all did too. Here are some photos from the event (thanks, Doris!)

Bellevue Park Flower Pot Results 2016

As usual, there were so many beautiful pots. Thanks to all who took their time to make this a success!

- Nancy

Best of Show
- Carol Lopus

Most Dramatic
- 1st Place: Wannette Legaspi
- 2nd Place: Tucker Susskind

Most Unusual
- Ken McCann

- Pat Buckley

- Elizabeth Johnson

- Kathleen Bard

Most Compelling
- Kathie Bard

- Kate Quimby

Hidden Treasure
- Allen Lengle & Dave Grove

Most Spirit
- Vicki Bucher

Most Patriotic
- Doris Ulsh

Honorable Mention
- Marty Boone

Best Pot not in the Competition
- Becky Woods

Not in competition but best ceramic container
- Sharyn Peterson

New Bellevue Park signs

The historic “Please Drive Slowly” signs are now installed throughout Bellevue Park.  Thank you to everyone who donated over $5,000 for the project.  A special thank you to the dedicated volunteers who helped dig 7 holes (in the rain) on Friday, and install those signs on Saturday.   I could not have done it without you!  I hope everyone enjoys seeing them in the Park once again.

Primary Election results from our precinct

Here are the election results from the BP Community Building voting site (Precinct 9-4), which covers some of Bellevue Park and other areas.

Total Votes: D - 255; R - 74

Clinton - 167
Sanders - 86

U.S. Senator:
McGinty - 114
Sestak - 70
Fetterman - 43

Attorney General:
Shapiro - 143
Zappala - 41
Morganelli - 27

PA Senator:
Teplitz - 171
Taylor - 52

Trump - 28
Cruz - 22
Kasich - 19

Attorney General:
Rafferty - 40
Peters - 19

PA Senator:
DiSanto - 44
Lewis - 17

Spring Clean Up

On Saturday morning in 2" of ground covering snow, cloudy skies, and cold temperatures, 21 early rising, bundled-up folks showed up at the Community Building for cups of hot coffee and Dunkin' Doughnuts, ready to sign up for spring cleaning jobs in our Park!  Armed with warm gloves, and lots of tools, we mulched around reservation trees and signs, took down a dead tree and cut up a large fallen limb, planted 7 winter berry plants, re-dug the Pentwater trench, and cleaned out some storm drains.  Today, Sunday, under bright sunshine, the work continued, 2 smaller groups cleaned up the paths, planted pansies at the Community Building, and picked up sticks.  

Thanks to Terry Bachmann for the donation of the pansies.

And a huge thank you to all who helped with these projects!!

Carol and Barbara

Great Harrisburg Litter Cleanup

The 3rd Annual Great Harrisburg Litter Cleanup is April 16th from 9 am to 1 pm. While our park itself is clean, the perimeters of the park are getting bad. Last year, we cleaned Sullivan Alley, which is between Rudy Rd and Swatara St. It needs cleaned again. Also, we are trying to really clean the main arteries into the city, of which Market Street certainly qualifies. I am hoping to get about 20 volunteers this year. I would like to send 6 to 8 over to Sullivan Alley and the rest to a 4 block section of Market St. This is a street litter cleanup only. No bulk items and if a homeowner/resident comes out with a bag of trash, we do not take it. The cleanup ends at 1 pm so our dirvers can get all the bags to the incinerator by closing time. Bags, gloves, water and tools such as rakes will be provided. We would like everyone to preregister at If you do not feel you can commit now but find you are able to help, we would not turn you away if you show up. You can get more info at the Clean and Green Harrisburg Facebook page. I would be willing to come and talk to any group that may be interested in helping in any way. If you know of another area in need of a cleaning please let me know. You can contact me, Dan Lewis, directly at or by calling me at 870-213-7157 or 717-303-8993. LET'S CLEAN UP THIS CITY TOGETHER!! IT'S OUR HOME.

New Residents Welcomed to Park

On Sunday, February 7, 2016 new residents were invited for a “meet and greet” at the Community Building and to be officially welcomed to Bellevue Park.  Members of the Welcome Committee planned and coordinated the two-hour event for new neighbors of fifteen (15) homes that were recently purchased.  We are pleased that a number of our newest neighbors have already joined committees, helped with volunteer clean up days, and attended our social activities.


Board President Steve MacDonald, Welcome Committee Chair Carl Marshall, and various Park Committee representatives provided a brief overview of the Park’s association, committees, important information, and activities.  Our new residents had an opportunity learn how to get involved with the Park's many activities and were urged to sign onto our Google network.  Many thanks go to “tenured” neighbors for donating the tasty snacks and refreshing beverages. 


Welcome Committee members enjoy visiting with new residents to acquaint them with Park information including our many committees and activities, bylaws, and Park life.  If you would like committee members to visit you please contact Carl Marshall at 238-3414 or


Welcome, all new neighbors! 

The Snow Must Go On...

As we all know, every season is beautiful in Bellevue Park - even winter! In January, we've been buried with over 30 inches of snow in one weekend. Park resident Alex Miller shared some photographs with us. 

Thanks, Alex!!


With the approval of the Board of Directors of the Bellevue Park Association, money is being raised to restore our "PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY"  signs.  One of the signs stood at Valley and Southfield Roads until a month or so ago.   During the past 100 years, the signs have deteriorated and parts have been lost forever.  However, an effort is under way to restore two original signs from which we were able to salvage parts as well as having 3 signs recreated via laser cutting by an artist.  These 5 signs will then be mounted on posts in strategic locations in the Park.  However, the more money we raise in this effort, the more signs we can install.  It is estimated that for 5 signs, $2,500 will need to be raised. 

To support this effort, please send your donation, with your name and address, no later than February 26, 2016 to Bob Pennell, Bellevue Park Treasurer.    

Please contribute today!  THANK YOU!

Fall Cleanup

To all of our fall clean up workers,

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in our clean up today!  There were 46 of you on this perfect weather day.  You  helped clean out the gravel from above the weir with the back hoe and shovels and then, distributed  the gravel into large dips in the Briarcliff Reservation.  You helped to weed out and prune the dead  holly trees (in spite of the snakes).  You planted Allen's donation of 10 yellow twig dogwoods.   You helped to trim, prune, rake, weed, cut ivy, remove dead trees, and lop branches around all of the reservations, ponds, and the guardrails. You planted lirope and mulched around our signs. You sawed large branches and trees and gathered sticks from everywhere.  You treated the ailanthus (an ongoing project) to get rid of it and planted new things on our banks.  That's a lot of work from a lot of people and so a gigantic "THANK YOU" for your time, energy, and fun doing it!!  

- Your Grounds Committee