Tree Management and Other Resources

Life in Bellevue Park is enjoyed by many of the residents here. Naturally, there are many opportunities for community involvement - whether that be in the shared maintenance of community property, our own properties, or in the area surrounding our properties. Residents have long enjoyed the diversity of the community in Bellevue Park with many caring and cooperative neighbors. Here are some things that will help you enjoy life in the Park to its fullest potential!

Tree Care and Management

Trees are synonymous with Bellevue Park. The size, age, diversity, and sheer number of trees growing within the Park's boundaries provide a unique and pleasing appearance not common to most residential developments. We are indebted to the original park landscape architects and to countless residents who, through the years, have planted and cared for the Park's trees. The Park covenants stipulate that "no trees now on said premises shall be removed without the consent of the Bellevue Park Association, its successors or assigns."

To guide residents in working with tree considerations, the Bellevue Park Board created a Bellevue Park Tree Protection and Management Policy. This document guides you and explains the overall process of removing trees. If you feel that you would like to remove a tree, please fill out the Tree Removal Form, which will be routed to a member of the Grounds Committee, who will then be able to assist you with this. If the tree is planted between the sidewalk and the curb, or otherwise within the public right-of-way, you must contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (717) 255-3020 to obtain a permit. Both the City and the Bellevue Park Association will need to approve the removal of the tree. Please be advised that you will receive a decision about your request in approximately two weeks after submitting the form. Please plan accordingly.

We have prepared a list of recommended street trees in Bellevue Park, in case you are planting new ones. The city of Harrisburg has also produced a guide for street trees, which may help you in selecting a tree. The City of Harrisburg requires a permit to plant a street tree, which costs $5.00. For more information on this, please contact Erick Josephson (contact info is above).

For more information about the city codes regarding planting of trees, please see the city codes page here.

Pests? Disease? Safety? If you have any questions about trees on your property or in the Park, please contact the Grounds Committee for advice, assistance or resource contacts.


When a street tree is removed by a homeowner in accordance with the Bellevue Park Tree Protection and Management Policy, and that street tree has been replaced by that homeowner in accordance with the Bellevue Park Tree Protection and Management Policy, the Bellevue Park Association will reimburse up to $100.00 toward the cost of the replacement street tree, as long as there are funds available for reimbursement. In addition, the street tree planting must have been permitted by the City of Harrisburg.   

Residents seeking reimbursement for such street trees in an amount up to $100.00 shall submit a receipt for the purchase of the tree, as well as a copy of the permit from the City of Harrisburg to plant that tree, to the Bellevue Park Association Treasurer within 180 days of the date of the receipt.

The Grounds Committee shall evaluate the costs and outcomes of the Street Tree Program on an annual basis and propose any changes to the Street Tree Program to the Bellevue Park Association Board of Directors for review. 

Approved Tree Services

Todd LaVene
LT Land & Tree Service

Brad Martin
Martins Tree Service
644 Pine Hill Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036

Good's Tree Care, Inc.
4401 Chambers Hill Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111
770-0196 or 533-5447

Capital Tree & Nursery
3221 Spring Street
Harrisburg, PA
652-8835 or 737-4350

Shull's Tree Service, Inc.
2688 E. Harrisburg Pike
Middletown, PA

Bartlett Tree Experts
Harrisburg, PA

All of the tree services listed above have been utilized at various times for both Association work as well as by individual residents. The listing of these services is for reference only, and does not constitute an endorsement by the Bellevue Park Association.

Donations and Memorial Gifts

For many years residents have made donations that enhance the neighborhood's landscape. Gifts have often been made to underwrite the cost of a tree or other planting to memorialize an individual, or a pet, or to mark a significant event. To underwrite a planting within the Park or to donate plant material, please contact the Grounds Committee.

Water Services

Bellevue Park's water and sewage services are handled by Capital Region Water. For a list of customer resources, from billing questions to homeowner guidelines, please check out this page

City Beautiful H2O

Capital Region Water is putting together a program, called City Beautiful H2O, which is designed to restore failing infrastructure, reduce combined sewer discharges, improve the health of our local waterways, and beautify our neighborhoods through community greening. Bellevue Park has met with Capital Region Water to come up with some localized strategies and findings for our community. You can find more information below:



Keeping the storm drains clear will prevent water runoff from eroding our roads, curbsides and lawns, which benefits every one of us. Perhaps there is a drain close to your house that would be easy for you to maintain; all it takes is a few minutes after a storm to clear out any leaves and clutter that may have collected there. Below is a map indicating the location of each drain within Bellevue Park; the green markers with dots have already been adopted. Zoom in to find the exact location of the drains not currently adopted (red markers). To adopt a drain please contact Carol Lopus at or 233-2442.

If you know of a drain that is completely clogged, please let us know so that we can call the city to have them dig it out. Also please let us know if you discover a drain that is not already indicated on the map. Thank you!

Green=Adopted - Red=Available

Clicking on each icon will show the name of the drain and adopter, or click here to view a larger map with a list of all drains. Zoom in with satellite view for exact placement.