Thank you volunteers!

Bellevue Park reservation areas underwent a spring cleaning on Saturday, April 5th, 2014! On your next walk, notice that we shoveled out gravel from the ponds, cleaned up the banks and planted on both sides of Mish Run and the ponds, cut ivy from tree bottoms, cleaned up Pentwater mud gully, cut up branches and limbs in Manning Reservation, lined and stabilized with RR ties along Community Building driveway, cleaned up and planted pansies at Community Building, spread wood chips along pond walking path, cleaned out Hillside and Briarcliff Triangle, and placed limbs on hillsides to help control erosion. 

A special thank you to 29 people who helped.

Kathy Bard 
Dale and Janell Neff
Carl Marshall
Mary Warner
Steve MacDonald
Vince Fogarty
Tucker Susskind
Paul Martz
Christine Quimby
Kate Quimby

Rich De Stanislao
Dan Deibler
Elizabeth Johnston
Pat Buckley
Bob and Barbara Pennell
Carol Lopus
Gretchen Yarnall
Ray Lewis 
Mike Spangler
Dave Dwyer

Joy Knohr 
Simon and Scarlet
Alex Miller
Mike Sullivan
Dave Laughery
Allen Lengle
Terry Bachmann (donated pansies) 
Aaron Carlson (donated coffee from Lil Amps)