Fall Cleanup

To all of our fall clean up workers,

A huge thanks to everyone who participated in our clean up today!  There were 46 of you on this perfect weather day.  You  helped clean out the gravel from above the weir with the back hoe and shovels and then, distributed  the gravel into large dips in the Briarcliff Reservation.  You helped to weed out and prune the dead  holly trees (in spite of the snakes).  You planted Allen's donation of 10 yellow twig dogwoods.   You helped to trim, prune, rake, weed, cut ivy, remove dead trees, and lop branches around all of the reservations, ponds, and the guardrails. You planted lirope and mulched around our signs. You sawed large branches and trees and gathered sticks from everywhere.  You treated the ailanthus (an ongoing project) to get rid of it and planted new things on our banks.  That's a lot of work from a lot of people and so a gigantic "THANK YOU" for your time, energy, and fun doing it!!  

- Your Grounds Committee