Great Harrisburg Litter Cleanup

The 3rd Annual Great Harrisburg Litter Cleanup is April 16th from 9 am to 1 pm. While our park itself is clean, the perimeters of the park are getting bad. Last year, we cleaned Sullivan Alley, which is between Rudy Rd and Swatara St. It needs cleaned again. Also, we are trying to really clean the main arteries into the city, of which Market Street certainly qualifies. I am hoping to get about 20 volunteers this year. I would like to send 6 to 8 over to Sullivan Alley and the rest to a 4 block section of Market St. This is a street litter cleanup only. No bulk items and if a homeowner/resident comes out with a bag of trash, we do not take it. The cleanup ends at 1 pm so our dirvers can get all the bags to the incinerator by closing time. Bags, gloves, water and tools such as rakes will be provided. We would like everyone to preregister at If you do not feel you can commit now but find you are able to help, we would not turn you away if you show up. You can get more info at the Clean and Green Harrisburg Facebook page. I would be willing to come and talk to any group that may be interested in helping in any way. If you know of another area in need of a cleaning please let me know. You can contact me, Dan Lewis, directly at or by calling me at 870-213-7157 or 717-303-8993. LET'S CLEAN UP THIS CITY TOGETHER!! IT'S OUR HOME.