Bellevue Park Association Annual Meeting

On Monday, June 11 at 7:00 PM, the Bellevue Park Association will be holding its annual meeting, which is open to all Bellevue Park residents. It will be held at the Bellevue Park Community Building at 143 Briarcliff Road. It is a chance to meet with neighbors and hear annual reports from the Association Board and all the subcommittees. It gives all residents the opportunity to hear what is being done in our neighborhood and ask questions to further enhance your understanding of what all we do to make the Park a great place to live. Also, prior to the meeting, we will be having ice cream, which is available to everyone - just bring your appetite!

There are two changes planned for the bylaws, which can be read here. Because these changes affect everyone, it is important to have all voices heard. Please attend, if possible. If you cannot attend, please fill out this proxy form, and give it to a neighbor who is attending. This will allow the other resident to vote on your behalf, or you can designate your vote on the form itself.

The town hall meeting is the simplest and most direct form of democracy, allowing you to voice your concerns and hear those of others. Thanks for doing your part!