New Bellevue Park signs

The historic “Please Drive Slowly” signs are now installed throughout Bellevue Park.  Thank you to everyone who donated over $5,000 for the project.  A special thank you to the dedicated volunteers who helped dig 7 holes (in the rain) on Friday, and install those signs on Saturday.   I could not have done it without you!  I hope everyone enjoys seeing them in the Park once again.

Making the Vue more Belle!

An energetic group of volunteers planted 6 new trees on Bellevue Park reservations On May 7.  Most of the trees were donated by residents in memory of a neighbor. In the words of Rob Ulsh - "making the vue more belle." 

Thank you to volunteer planters:  Kathy Bard, Allen Lengle, Ray Lewis, Ray Everngram , Rich DiStanislao, Pat Buckley, Nancy Graham, Vince Fogarty, Barb Pennell, Mary Warner,  Maurene Krauth and Rob Ulsh.