Holiday Party Thank You!

Thank you for your generosity to the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area on Grayson Road, expressed by your gifts and donations at the BP Holiday Party. Here is a list of your donations:

  1. Four dog and cat leashes;
  2. 84 cans of dog and cat food;
  3. Three bags of dog and cat food;
  4. Three large boxes of Milk Bones;
  5. Two bags of dog jerky;
  6. Three jars of peanut butter;
  7. Assorted dog bones, treats, and dog and cat toys;
  8. Five food and water bowls;
  9. A package of cat litter and a disposable litter pan;
  10. Two containers of disinfectant wipes;
  11. One large box of laundry detergent;
  12. Eight towels;
  13. Eight rolls of paper towels;
  14. Box of tall kitchen plastic bags;
  15. One metal bucket;
  16. and checks amounting to $105.00!!!!

It was quite a haul! Just wanted you to know, and end the year on a warm and fuzzy (literally) note!